Col-O-Calf 4 kg

Col-O-Calf 4 kg is not guaranteed free from IBR antibodies, but is guaranteed to be completely pathogen free and made only from 12-hour colostrum.

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Product information
Col-O-Calf is 12-hour colostrum of the highest quality. Unlike VaccaCol®, Col-O-Calf is not guaranteed free from IBR-antibodies. However, the product  (in powder form ) is guaranteed free from pathogens and may be used in complete safety.

Protein >70%, immunoglobulins >30%, minerals 6%, water <5%.

200 grams of powder is the equivalent of 1 litre of colostrum.

Target animal

Col-O-Calf is used in the raising of calves.

Instructions of use
Col-O-Calf should be dissolved in water at a maximum temperature of 45°C. To make one litre of colostrum, dissolve approximately 200g of Col-O-Calf in a litre of water.

Col-O-Calf has no known side effects and is a completely natural product.

Col-O-Calf should be stored in a dry place and in the original packaging.

4 kg bucket.