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Due to an accurate selection of our sources and production, we are able to develop and produce products of a high quality, which contribute to the animal’s health. We are certified according to the guidelines of GMP+.

We develop products which contribute to the performance of your company. Our products are of the highest quality, economically justified and contribute to a farm’s performance.

By combining theoretical and practical knowledge, we are able to bring product to the market which contribute to the performance of farms and contribute the animal health.

Arts Food Products BV

Our company

Our company was found in the year 2008 to develop a range of products which contribute to animal health. By combining multiple disciplines, like biochemistry, medical biology and orthomolecular dietics, we are able to accomplish our goal.

Our products

Our products distinguish by their natural origin, a high quality and an economically justified price. We develop, produce and sell products which contribute to the health of animals. In case you have questions, please contact us via e-mail ( or by phone via 0031 73 737 0129.

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